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Hiding lessons and morals in children’s stories may seem unfair, but fairy tales have done just that since the Brother Grimm were publishing. JMR has cast a chorus of Australian native animals as  actors in a tense scenario – they are protectors and bullies. Their behaviour mimics the everyday world, born of habits, insecurities and jealousy – as well as love and caring.

Quick Overview

Two sisters, Tabi and Ruby, search for their missing Granny, and  unwittingly open the door to a whole range of behaviours. While many characters act in an honourable and honest way, other animal do not. These contrasting behaviours opens the door to discussions about behaviour and responsibility to others.

Kid Lit

Wanted Poster

Granny Jen

Read the story of Tabi, Ruby and Granny Jen as a soft cover or E-book. Order in bulk from the publisher with the safety of return book orders.

Written by an highly qualified and experienced educator, Granny Jen is Missing reflects Jennifer’s philosophy that kids are often overwhelmed by the complexity of today’s world. Her human characters are deliberately shadowy to allow kids all over the world to connect with the personalities and actions in the story.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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