Sisters in action

This book is about growing up, trust and family. But most of all it is about success, adventure and the value of grit and determination.

Kid Lit

Why Kid Lit?

It resonated with me

I was surrounded with 'kids' for 42 weeks of each year, for 23 years, and it is hard not to see the good, the bad and the ugly of life, and how kids are affected by it.


What do kids need?

Not the right question! I avoid that question. I do ask myself, what do I know now that I wish I had understood much earlier.

How does GJiM help kids?

This is my hope ... At first glance, the story looks simple and easy to comprehend, but I am hoping readers see, compare and think about individual characters, their behaviour and the impact of that behaviour on others.

Kids Listening

I read the story to a kindergarten class, and observed how the children responded with perfect sense, and some wisdom, to the teacher's simple, but probing questions.

"Life is a bit like this pic. You can make out most of the objects, but its hard to see the detail. Storytelling, and story reading, helps kids develop their awareness antennae so they can quickly see important details."
Jennifer M Ryan

Kid Lit

about success, relationships and trust

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