The Story from a Playgroup

Spending 90 minutes with a small groups of mums, grannies and their charges was a beautiful way to start my week. Spending it at my local sport and recreation club was a double bonus.


Reading a book to a group of small children can be fraught with danger. As a teacher, you are the planner and organizer. You manage the time to achieve certain learning and social goals. As a visitor to a group, and a total stranger it is a lot harder.

My sincere thanks go to the everyone who attended the Captain Creek Playgroup on the 19th Feb. 2018. Jess was there to say hello me, and  with the parents and grandparents, made me feel welcome.  Thank you all. 

I was so pleased to see the kids drawing pictures of animals from my book, and telling me little stories about their pets and native animals that see around the area. 

There were a small hick-up to the day. Forgetting to reinsert camera cards into the camera. But, thanks to Tracey we got through that one.   

I was hoping to take pictures of the children’s drawings and share them here or on my Facebook page. If anyone would like to take a pic and share their child’s drawings, then you could contact me using my CONTACT PAGE LINK


“Playgroups help children more than you can image. I believe strongly that children don’t grow and mature in years and grades. They grow according to their needs, talents and through many and varied opportunities to play. ”  Jennifer M Ryan

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