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Thoughts from my world in words

This image is about life as I know it. What do you think it says?
I painted this image, and decided it was about life. I would love to know your thoughts.
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KID LIT 2018

Granny Jen is Missing. A gentle look at reality, with a spotlight on behaviour and relationships


Stepping Up. A 2011 book that needs to be revamped, but content is still very relevant.


2004 Soft cover book created for students and teachers at the College where I was working.


Check our @JMR.author and my Facebook author page. I don't post a lot, but do include freebies.


Coming Soon
A book about the author in pictures.


Coming Soon .. This is a small selection from my shelves. I was writing poetry before I wrote books.

“Make space for everyone to speak”

The philosophy behind all Jennifer’s publications. Nicely summarized by the following:

Educate. Communicate. Learn.
Read. Write. And draw.

Highly qualified and experienced,  Jennifer has worked as an educator and tutor for several decades.

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"Just love those pictures Jen. Keep them all.
Chris Jacques
Educational Leader: thanks for reading to us. We all enjoyed it. "
Vicki Dingle