2020 Standing Up for My Art

2020 Standing Up for My Art

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 Reality: My Measures of Success

 I’m not an artist. Not really. If you use standard criteria. Never studied at art school. But … I did major in ceramics when completing my 3 year primary school teacher diploma!

I have no resentment for those who have done paid their dues through degrees. But sometimes it takes all my Buddhist breathing techniques to ‘calmez-vous’.

Recently I was astonishment, an ‘artist’ dropped into a casual conversation, “You know will never sell any of your art, and just walked away.


“Maybe I like the noble pursuit rather than struggling senselessly to find a niche. Any niche. Photograph emu May be you can ‘Walk Like an Emu‘, but I just can’t.”

I didn’t say that. I’m glad I didn’t. You know … people, journeys, walking in shoes …. stuff like that.


YOUR Measures of success are complex

Accolades. Nice to get.
What would you trade for some? Sales? Great critical reviews?

Prizes. Who doesn’t like to win. Especially is something you value comes with it.

Some questions for you:

  1. do you follow art trends? that is create things so they will sell.
  2. take funding even if you have to produce art you’d rather not? i mean, even artists have to eat.
  3. does your art say something? or does it simply look good, pretty, amazing, different.

Oil Pastel on paper


There’s that Buddhist philosophy again.

The artist in me was a late bloomer.
Painting and drawing has not been a life long yearning.

I don’t expect other to see my works as ‘celebrations of excellence’. Really. I started  painting as a stress relief activity. Paint quick. Paint strong. Let it go.

It worked for me. Then I got hooked.

Art Became MY Life

Paint every day they said. Sketch for 10 minutes every day. Always have a project on the go that you really want to finish.

I DID. Check out my You Tube channel: JennieJo Ryan

Mixed Media Painting


My friends tell me I have, so it must be true.
You can see some samples on this page.

I borrow from history and put that history into the reality of my life on the farm. I try to say something strong, without hitting viewers over the head with it.

I’ve always been like that. Not planning to change any day soon.

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Fine Art America turns artworks into artworks you wear or carry. I love my phone cases, carry bags and cushions. Check them out here.

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