I Like Trees

I Like Trees

View our work: I Like Trees 1 - 15 …… I have never revealed this before,
…… ……and I think it says a bit about my arts practice.

I don’t paint many landscapes, because I want to put trees in them. I enjoy painting the trunks of trees. Branches, yes. Not the leaves. And, I won’t use sponges, or anything like one, to create the perception of leaves.

See a tree. That’s a wonderful day.

I like to believe I was born under a huge jarrah tree. I could be true. But, probably isn’t. I was born in a tree town, Pemberton in Western Australia. So, it could be true.

What Happened Next
First, they were my safe place. Lots of shade and thick trunks.
Second, I started to photograph them, drake them and finally paint them.


There I’ve said it.

I know many artists create great works using a sponge. I know how to do it. I just don’t want to paint trees that way.

Check out the video above, to see some of the “trees in my life”. I can feel a poem there; am not able to see it yet.

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