MoMA, NEW YORK, January 8 2018

Emerging artist, Jennifer M Ryan, has  recently announced that one of her acyrlic, abstract expressionist style, paintings is on display at MoMA, New York, in a digital exhibition.

AbEx Gallery

Local History Project

Jennifer’s journey into the world of art, began in 1993 but went into hibernation until serendipity stepped up and in 2015 she teamed up with a wonderful group of Gladstone artists.

The original piece of artwork used for this project was created with acrylic paint and a medium (turpentine). A limited palette was deliberately chosen, to force consideration of relationships and placements of  blocks of colour. The piece is created on a piece of A3 paper (240gsm) that originally a page in a calendar page, and then a notes page for a research task. The notes were created  with blue biro, and are visible behind the acrylic paint.

Jennifer submitted the acrylic on paper work, shown above, to MOMA because it differed  drastically from her usual practice. As a beginner, or emerging artist, she is very interested in the materials used by artists  early in their careers. Jennifer began exploring how to engage viewers for longer, and how to get them to examine her work more closely.She began to enjoy being a little bit outrageous, but most of all she focused on the geometric, the logical and the repetitive.

In the image that is expressed through the colours, then repetition of brush strokes  without attempting to control the impression created, and the resulting irregular shapes. She took these skills to her digital works also. This digital collage was created in 2019.

Since 2015 Jennifer has been award several RADF funding grants, through the Gladstone Art Gallery and Museum  supportive programs. The Regional Arts Development Fund is a Queensland Government and Gladstone Regional Council partnership to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

December 2017 she created a digital collage of local natural and man made objects that was used as a skin for a Gladstone Regional Council vehicle; Art on Fleet project.

In September 2017,  her local history project, “The ‘FootSteps and FootPrints’ project highlighted and celebrated the many artists of her area through a hugely successful Facebook promotion and a set of well received collectors cards. 

December 2016, Jennifer became  known for her unmissable ‘Painted Trees’ ephemeral installation. It was part of Gladstone Regional Council’s Art in Parks Project. Two regional parks were selected for the project – Wreck Rock and Rosedale Memorial Park. By painting a band of bright orange paint around the trunk, the installation bought both the environment and individual trees to the attention of passer-byers.  All work was sanctioned by the Gladstone Regional Council Parks and Wildlife department.

About the Artist

From 2015 | Jennifer M Ryan lives in Captain Creek, Queensland and runs two small businesses ‘Agnes Water Adventures – through time’ and ‘Jennifer Ryan Consultancy Services’. Jennifer’s photography has been recognised at the Captain Cook 1770 Festival Art Show and is represented in the Crow Street Creative Art Gallery and in several private collections across Australia.

Contact Information

Jennifer M Ryan’s website Jennifer Ryan, artist provides further information. She also can be reached at