Footsteps, seeing the path you’re on

Footsteps, seeing the path you’re on

Finding New Ways of Seeing Things

Footsteps: Finding Your Style

Artists have style. Right.

Visual Artists create things by putting marks on paper, canvas … Right. I make marks on paper. So, I’m an artist. Right.

I wasn’t looking for a new moniker, and I discovered lots of people claim the right to classify artists. “This is an example of …., you’re using …”

I understand the need to qualify status identifies. After all, not everyone who write a bit of code for an App is a programmer. Not everyone who …. is ….., you fill in the blanks. Author. Fitness Trainer. Coach.

No, things aren’t easy when you emerge.

You know how it is. Times have changed, and you’re moving into a new space, with new people who don’t know anything about you. If you a minimalist like me, you pick up on the tension and stress you’re causing just by being different. A stranger. Creating strange things, in strange ways.

But, I have to tell you … none of that matters. However, ….

Oil pastel abstract art on canvas…… it’s not easy to hole up, and keep yourself from running backwards.

If you are looking for an art adventure, that is exactly what you need to do.

If all you want to do is

  • learn something new,
  • enjoy the experience and
  • enjoy the adventure.

My 5 suggestions

  1. Learn the new vocab, and social nuances.
  2. Enjoy the differences.
  3. Revel in the challenges.
  4. Have no expectations: yourself, others
  5. Try not to judge: your works, their works

No, or slow, success, it’s all OK.

Frustration and failure greet you every painting session – nothing to worry about. Does this sound familiar:

  1. you like being with people chatting and creating
  2. despite this, you feel alone in your challenges
  3. you are feeling isolated and out of the conversations
  4. you are not really in control of what you’re doing
  5. you forgot, “it’s just fun and games.”

I was once told, by someone who proudly boasted he’d studied in New York and with a couple of weeks you couldn’t tell him from the locals. You don’t have to be like that. Fitting in is nice though, yes!

I re-discovered the trick, I used when starting a new job. It is not rocket science

  1. simply observe, l
  2. listen and
  3. watch
  4. see how people team up
  5. identify the social butterflies, those with a badge and the absorbed.

My Old Self

Ill give you a glimpse into my old life. Here are a few clues: teacher, deputy, IT expert, computing, secondary, primary, middle, retirement, tutoring business.

You got it.

When I retired from teacher I started a tutoring company -Boost Tutoring.

When I closed that down I was left with a whole lot of resources I no longer needed. They are mine, so I can give them to you. And I will.

All you need to do is.

Click on a Title below,

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