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…… ……and I think it says a bit about my arts practice.

I don’t paint many landscapes, because I want to put trees in them. I enjoy painting the trunks of trees. Branches, yes. Not the leaves. And, I won’t use sponges, or anything like one, to create the perception of leaves.

See a tree. That’s a wonderful day.

I like to believe I was born under a huge jarrah tree. I could be true. But, probably isn’t. I was born in a tree town, Pemberton in Western Australia. So, it could be true.

What Happened Next
First, they were my safe place. Lots of shade and thick trunks.
Second, I started to photograph them, drake them and finally paint them.


There I’ve said it.

I know many artists create great works using a sponge. I know how to do it. I just don’t want to paint trees that way.

Check out the video above, to see some of the “trees in my life”. I can feel a poem there; am not able to see it yet.

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2020 Standing Up for My Art Thu, 20 Feb 2020 01:22:06 +0000

After Bauhaus art design Contact MeSelf Portrait


 Reality: My Measures of Success

 I’m not an artist. Not really. If you use standard criteria. Never studied at art school. But … I did major in ceramics when completing my 3 year primary school teacher diploma!

I have no resentment for those who have done paid their dues through degrees. But sometimes it takes all my Buddhist breathing techniques to ‘calmez-vous’.

Recently I was astonishment, an ‘artist’ dropped into a casual conversation, “You know will never sell any of your art, and just walked away.


“Maybe I like the noble pursuit rather than struggling senselessly to find a niche. Any niche. Photograph emu May be you can ‘Walk Like an Emu‘, but I just can’t.”

I didn’t say that. I’m glad I didn’t. You know … people, journeys, walking in shoes …. stuff like that.


YOUR Measures of success are complex

Accolades. Nice to get.
What would you trade for some? Sales? Great critical reviews?

Prizes. Who doesn’t like to win. Especially is something you value comes with it.

Some questions for you:

  1. do you follow art trends? that is create things so they will sell.
  2. take funding even if you have to produce art you’d rather not? i mean, even artists have to eat.
  3. does your art say something? or does it simply look good, pretty, amazing, different.

Oil Pastel on paper


There’s that Buddhist philosophy again.

The artist in me was a late bloomer.
Painting and drawing has not been a life long yearning.

I don’t expect other to see my works as ‘celebrations of excellence’. Really. I started  painting as a stress relief activity. Paint quick. Paint strong. Let it go.

It worked for me. Then I got hooked.

Art Became MY Life

Paint every day they said. Sketch for 10 minutes every day. Always have a project on the go that you really want to finish.

I DID. Check out my You Tube channel: JennieJo Ryan

Mixed Media Painting


My friends tell me I have, so it must be true.
You can see some samples on this page.

I borrow from history and put that history into the reality of my life on the farm. I try to say something strong, without hitting viewers over the head with it.

I’ve always been like that. Not planning to change any day soon.

Fine Art America images Screenshot 1

Fine Art America turns artworks into artworks you wear or carry. I love my phone cases, carry bags and cushions. Check them out here.

[current stock images - bags, phone cases, cushions, blankets, towels Screenshot 2

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Contact Form Tue, 11 Feb 2020 06:18:47 +0000


Contact Me


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Brave and Bold Tue, 11 Feb 2020 04:24:08 +0000

Likes Creating


Brave and Bold’ 

‘Brave and Bold’ that how I described myself to the judge. I was never going to be acknowledged AND I still entered my artwork.


Its part of my philosophy. It’s no use just enjoying myself on my verandah. Really it isn’t.

Artists are naturally Brave. How brave do you have to be to expect criticism, derision even, and DO IT ANYWAY!

Pretty Brave I think.

And BOLD. Bold because somewhere we’re all saying …. damn you all. It’s mine. There’s part of me in there!

It’d be nice if you liked my work. But that’s not why I paint.

abstract underwater painting

Fearless Spirit

That’s what it’s about for me.

Creating. Experimenting.
Going with the flow.

If I think it, plan it, imagine it …
then I do it.

Being Brave is tough!

Finest media, tools and paints

No. Don’t go there.

I lost $1000 worth of exquisite brushes. Actually they were stolen. I am still mourning them.

I cannot afford to replace them.
So, I’ve  come to terms with using ‘less than’ tools and be brave about it.

Self Portrait

The Best Experience Ever

Brave and Bold Emerging Artist, forever!! No real training, just a love of creating and discovering. Enjoying the adventure. Will walk the track as long as I can.

See What Else I've Done

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How I Got Here Sat, 02 Nov 2019 08:28:20 +0000


In 2015, while purchasing materials, Ryan discovered an acrylics workshop that would change the direction of her life. The Creative Gladstone group running the workshop would play a pivotal role in the next 3 years of her life. Linking her to the Gladstone Region Art Gallery and Museum and pushing her towards the 1770 Captain Cook Art Show, she had the focus she was seeking.


At the age of 55 Jennifer Ryan retired from full time employment and moved permanently to the fami1y property in Captain Creek, where her journey to becoming an artist began. She was suffering severe effects of a lifetime of auto-immune complications, and spent several years enjoying the pleasures of the Australian bush and a hermit’s lifestyle.

Oil pastel abstract art on canvas


Jennifer Ryan expended a lot of energy painting, she tried many different styles, but had, at best , limited success. An avid participant in on-line art courses, her enrolment in a MoMA New York AbEx course was a game changer for her. As a result of the course, Ryan can honestly say she had had her work exhibited in a MoMA exhibition. It was not enough. She felt the need to explore her dreams in art and discontinued her association with the art group. Eventually, she discovered Art Le Brut and felt at home. No longer needing to always seek to create a fine art product, Ryan explored mark making on many materials and with many tools.

The genre allowed her to express her hidden emotions linked to living in the shadows of several auto-immune diseases. In 2018 she began developing works with two major foci. One, faces and masks. She began by sketching residents of the Gladstone region, and creating works that used colour to express her emotions through their image. Two, Through the Window works, where a window divides an image into before and after: life and dreams; this and then that. Her lifelong love of individualism found expression in extravagant strokes, and a focus on eyes. Ryan considers all portraits reveal her secret life, and track her artistic development.

JMR Abstract portrait


In 2019 Jennifer Ryan has established strong connections to her Gladstone art community, and groups that have played a pivotal role in her life. Giving her the space to experiment with and learn about what it means to be an artist. Her small farm, with its isolation, calm setting among tall trees and native birds and animals and has been able to move beyond her limitations and look at the sources of her inspiration.

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Exhibition Proposal in Progress Wed, 23 Oct 2019 03:20:55 +0000

 I’m putting together an exhibition proposal – Flight, Masks and Meanings. To keep me on task I’m using Instagram to record my ideas, plans, draft and final products.

@jenniferpaints is where you’ll find me
#HHUA Heaven Help Us All, is one tag I’m using
#JPs_diary is another.

JMR Abstract portrait

Masks: Light Dreaming

I don’t recall many dreams. Those I do usually include me walking or running, in a light filled place and distant music.

This work represents those dreams. It is mixed media on paper.

This was a surprise

View A Lupus Surprise

A diagnosis of Lupus brings many surprises. This work remembers when, without warning, my brain would wake in the morning but my body didn’t. For moments or minutes I was paralysed. No movement.

There is a medical term for it, but I’m not interested.

Just happy they are a rare occurrance these days.

Emerging, self representing artist – Central Queensland.

YT: JENNIEJO RYAN –  My Rhupus Life –
Orange Trees : ephemeral installation

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Footsteps, seeing the path you’re on Sun, 22 Sep 2019 04:21:15 +0000 Finding New Ways of Seeing Things

Footsteps: Finding Your Style

Artists have style. Right.

Visual Artists create things by putting marks on paper, canvas … Right. I make marks on paper. So, I’m an artist. Right.

I wasn’t looking for a new moniker, and I discovered lots of people claim the right to classify artists. “This is an example of …., you’re using …”

I understand the need to qualify status identifies. After all, not everyone who write a bit of code for an App is a programmer. Not everyone who …. is ….., you fill in the blanks. Author. Fitness Trainer. Coach.

No, things aren’t easy when you emerge.

You know how it is. Times have changed, and you’re moving into a new space, with new people who don’t know anything about you. If you a minimalist like me, you pick up on the tension and stress you’re causing just by being different. A stranger. Creating strange things, in strange ways.

But, I have to tell you … none of that matters. However, ….

Oil pastel abstract art on canvas…… it’s not easy to hole up, and keep yourself from running backwards.

If you are looking for an art adventure, that is exactly what you need to do.

If all you want to do is

  • learn something new,
  • enjoy the experience and
  • enjoy the adventure.

My 5 suggestions

  1. Learn the new vocab, and social nuances.
  2. Enjoy the differences.
  3. Revel in the challenges.
  4. Have no expectations: yourself, others
  5. Try not to judge: your works, their works

No, or slow, success, it’s all OK.

Frustration and failure greet you every painting session – nothing to worry about. Does this sound familiar:

  1. you like being with people chatting and creating
  2. despite this, you feel alone in your challenges
  3. you are feeling isolated and out of the conversations
  4. you are not really in control of what you’re doing
  5. you forgot, “it’s just fun and games.”

I was once told, by someone who proudly boasted he’d studied in New York and with a couple of weeks you couldn’t tell him from the locals. You don’t have to be like that. Fitting in is nice though, yes!

I re-discovered the trick, I used when starting a new job. It is not rocket science

  1. simply observe, l
  2. listen and
  3. watch
  4. see how people team up
  5. identify the social butterflies, those with a badge and the absorbed.

My Old Self

Ill give you a glimpse into my old life. Here are a few clues: teacher, deputy, IT expert, computing, secondary, primary, middle, retirement, tutoring business.

You got it.

When I retired from teacher I started a tutoring company -Boost Tutoring.

When I closed that down I was left with a whole lot of resources I no longer needed. They are mine, so I can give them to you. And I will.

All you need to do is.

Click on a Title below,

Add the name to the Contact Me form and I’ll email it to you. No strings attached.

You want them all. That’s cool. You just need to send one email for each title.

One of my favourite activity booklets. Design and creating thinking tasks while celebratIng people in our lives.

Maths booklet with some of my most successful hints, tips and exercises.

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Preservationist Art Wed, 22 May 2019 05:52:12 +0000

Artists who support

I’m a Preservationist Artist. I’m proud to use the title.

Artists who support, advocate for and/or action their beliefs in the preservation of another’s artwork or artefacts, are Preservationist Artists when they create new from old.

As a mostly self taught artist, I began learning the skills of visual representation by purchasing discarded canvasses and, to my mind, fixing the errors. Adding shadows. Correcting perspective. That sort of thing.

I never claimed them as mine. Eventually they were Gesso’d over and used to create an original work. Let me tell you … editing is easier than creating!!

Eventually, I had ‘improved’ masters on calendars and cheap prints from you know where. Eventually … I decided to use these discarded objects but to leave evidence of their previous life. This is when I chose the name Preservationist Art

About Preservationist Art

Alternate creating

Loved the cup size. Hated the image.

SOLUTION -a Preservationist Make-over. Using acrylic paint and china painting pens I altered the look, the purpose and added some supporting members.

I had many folios of notes from university days. As I was culling them, I came up with this solution: Rooster on a Mission. I have done several of these, all originals now rehoused. .

Making Best Use of University Study Notes

Preservationists create and design in all media, using a great variety of tools. Their solution for complex problems uses  arts best qualities – ingenuity, determination and strength.


Everyone is accepted. Just start Preserving. Keep it a secret.

Or … share the news!


the future

I admit  it … I don’t like wasting anything. I blame my Dad, 🙂 if it was fixable no way it was going to be tossed away.

Now I smile when I think of those repaired lounge chairs. Then … not so much.

Contact me for more information about Preservationist Art, from an Artist Adventurer – Jennifer M Ryan

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Art on Display Wed, 22 May 2019 03:20:50 +0000

I discovered I was SUFFERING from LUPUS in 1992. I knew something was seriously wrong in 1972.  It took doctors, medical staff and many many painful hours to divine this name from the ether.I didn’t care about the name. “Is there a cure?” “Can it be managed?” were the questions I asked. “No” was the simple answer.

My Adventures in Art started soon after 1993, and continue today. You can see evidence of my AI diseases everywhere. 

Having both Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease I qualify to use this moniker.  The video attached to this blog explains part of my story through poetry and visuals. These hashtags also tell the story. My favourites have been highlighted.

#lupus #lupusawareness #chronicillness #fibromyalgia #autoimmunedisease #lupuswarrior #invisibleillness #spoonie #sle #chronicpain #anxiety #lupusproblems #lupusawarenessmonth #lupussucks #chronicfatigue #systemiclupuserythematosus #lupusfighter #depression #lupuswalk #lupie #rheumatoidarthritis #butyoudontlooksick #lupusnephritis #health #blog #lupuscarditis #reumatologia #lupusflare #lupusfacts #lupusindia #pain #multiplesclerosis  #artritereumatoide #neuropatia #mividaconlupus #neurolupus  #dificultad #rashes #diariodeunalupica #vasculitis #autoinmune 


YOU TUBE Channel: JennieJo Ryan


Art from the Heart

Art Le Brut

New to art?

I can help you get started.


Experienced workshop presenter.

Contact me for an information pack.

Art and Health

Specialist Workshops

Using art for inclusivity, equality and pleasure.

Customer Review

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Clarissa Wolman

"Vestibulum dapibus odio at nisl consequat, in semper augue auctor. Duis risus felis, pulvinar quis tempus vitae”

Lora Spielberg

"Vestibulum dapibus odio at nisl consequat, in semper augue auctor. Duis risus felis, pulvinar quis tempus vitae”

Christopher Brown

"Vestibulum dapibus odio at nisl consequat, in semper augue auctor. Duis risus felis, pulvinar quis tempus vitae”

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Art on Display Tue, 21 May 2019 06:38:25 +0000

Starting out my retired career creating unique visual artwork, I have had the opportunity to be an Artist Adventurer. Exploring. Experimenting. Perfecting the art of personally  driven creativity using whatever tools and technology I desired. 

An award winning artist,  highly focused on her practice, with 10 years experience in a variety of teaching and learning situations.

Art Le Brut style of art
Art from the Heart

Art Le Brut

New to art?

I can help you get started.


Experienced workshop presenter.

Contact me for information about individual, small group and community workshops.

Art and Health

Specialist Workshops.


Using art for inclusivity, equality and pleasure.


Artist: Jennifer M Ryan

Series  Name: Footstepping

Work Name: Perfection #2

I’ve lost it all

#jenniferpaints #digital #art

YouTube VIDEO Info.

JennieJo Ryan


Poet: Jennifer M Ryan I've lost it all One day in 93. I lost it all and didn't know it. It was only pain. I was disciplined. Life was doable. Walking and talking had been easy. Now movement is slow and robotic.
Only when the feet stop and the darkness is stripped away can a conversation begin Words. Missing. The brain is empty. Not a thought. Not a word. Tables become chairs. Tommy morphs into Erica. Numbers tumble like Lotto balls. What the hell! THIS is NOT doable. I had been warned. If the disease doesn't get you. The medication will. But.

Nobody talked about the losses. 20 minutes. That's all I can manage. Walk. Swim. Float. Scuba. 20 minutes. Then a days rest. Hands no longer able to sew. Hands chopping fingers not flowers. Hands needing to curl. Feet walking on glass. My newly created ragged self is swirling down the plug hole. LUPUS. Let it be

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