I have emerged!


I have emerged and decided that, yes, I am an artist. Late start artist. Yes. But an artist now.

Who can I thank?

GRAGM funded art projectMy grandfather and my father who passed on the creative gene.  Granddad Crowley was a portrait artist. Serendipity. On a challenging day about two years ago, I visited my local (Gladstone Picture Framers, Qld) framing and art supplies stop, and

  • spotted an advertisement for a weekend workshop in acrylic painting.
  • This led to the local art group and Irene, the resident artist. She has suffered through my many hours instruction as I tried to like acrylic painting.
  • My mantra: ‘as long as I get better each week’, I’ll keep trying. I did, and it did eventually.


These events led me to the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum staff. They are marvellous for an emerging artist – with the workshops they offer, their engagement with plans, and their always optimistic and supportive conversations.


I had dabbled in watercolour painting several years ago but had to abandon my art when circumstances changed.

Somewhere between then and now I had to present an artists statement. While I might express the sentiments differently today. The essence remains unchanged.


Here it is:

By giving visual form to inner thoughts and emotions Jennifer hopes to open up a moment or freeze time, and spark a response in the viewer.

Jennifer completed many years of tertiary study, and managed to ignore an ever present urge ‘to get creative’. Unexpectedly, in 1993, circumstance and synergy combined to expose a determined and energetic investigative artist. And, again in 2009 and 2016 circumstances encouraged a rethink of how she approached her art. Her first investigations were in water colour painting and digital photography and they are still her first loves. The were followed by investigation and experimentation with : pastel, printing, and ink, with acrylic being added in 2016..

Any medium that provides Jennifer with the freedom to respond spontaneously, within a planned moment, attracts and engages her. ‘The moment’ is the motivation that keeps Jennifer seeing, recording and responding to the world around her. Presenting ‘the moment’ to others is her personal challenge A major theme in her current work is ‘perception’, where viewers are invited to identify new aspects of a moment and feel an emotional response.; to view the ways people see the natural world with regard to, but not limited to, physical appearance and emotional attachment.

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