This is a sampling of various kinds of completed work. Browse through the sections, and feel free to contact me if you’re interested in purchasing an item or placing a custom order.

My Digitals

Art works created from digital photos and photographs of canvas, board and paper works collaged to create a new work.

“An Artist Adventurer I am. Because I try it all.”

'Arting' is an incredible experience for me. The tools from pencils, pens, to walnut oil paints is only matched by the variety of materials I create with and on. Coming soon ... some special pieces of furniture.
#jennifer paints


Creating art takes a lot of resources, mostly cash. Quite by accident I started to create my Preservationist Art – using previously arted supplies. Now it’s a habit!

Acrylic Works

Initially, I hated working in this medium. Nothing turned out as I wanted it to. Then, I watched an award winning artist using a credit card.  There’s more coming …


I am a convert. OPs are wonderful tools to create with – soft, smooth, silky and such colours!

oil pastel abstract

Local Artists Showcase

The best way to experience art is to share it around. That’s what my local Facebook art page does. 

About The Gallery

Studio Agnes is my On-line Gallery for my artwork, and photography. My preferred style, at the moment, is abstract expressionism. As a most self taught artist  on-line courses and exhibitions provide most of my inspiration and technique development – I have been attending 3 hour local artist workshops for the past few years

After seeing a Kusama exhibition at GOMA in Brisbane, Australia, I was totally hooked. 

Permanent Exhibitions

Abstract Expressionism – Photography – Commissions



Art Workshops

I’ve built a series of workshop sessions aimed to encourage non-artists to change that POV, and step out in their “I’m A Creative” shoes.  We start slowly and carefully. Fun and drinks (choice optional) and lots of chatter get us through 2 hours easily. 

I try to avoid using this quote  from Picasso – interesting but not true.

“Everything is real. Imagine today and tomorrow, then go chase what you want”

Jennifer M Ryan

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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