Brave and Bold

Brave and Bold

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Brave and Bold’ 

‘Brave and Bold’ that how I described myself to the judge. I was never going to be acknowledged AND I still entered my artwork.


Its part of my philosophy. It’s no use just enjoying myself on my verandah. Really it isn’t.

Artists are naturally Brave. How brave do you have to be to expect criticism, derision even, and DO IT ANYWAY!

Pretty Brave I think.

And BOLD. Bold because somewhere we’re all saying …. damn you all. It’s mine. There’s part of me in there!

It’d be nice if you liked my work. But that’s not why I paint.

abstract underwater painting

Fearless Spirit

That’s what it’s about for me.

Creating. Experimenting.
Going with the flow.

If I think it, plan it, imagine it …
then I do it.

Being Brave is tough!

Finest media, tools and paints

No. Don’t go there.

I lost $1000 worth of exquisite brushes. Actually they were stolen. I am still mourning them.

I cannot afford to replace them.
So, I’ve  come to terms with using ‘less than’ tools and be brave about it.

Self Portrait

The Best Experience Ever

Brave and Bold Emerging Artist, forever!! No real training, just a love of creating and discovering. Enjoying the adventure. Will walk the track as long as I can.

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