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Starting out my retired career creating unique visual artwork, I have had the opportunity to be an Artist Adventurer. Exploring. Experimenting. Perfecting the art of personally  driven creativity using whatever tools and technology I desired. 

An award winning artist,  highly focused on her practice, with 10 years experience in a variety of teaching and learning situations.

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Experienced workshop presenter.

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Using art for inclusivity, equality and pleasure.


Artist: Jennifer M Ryan

Series  Name: Footstepping

Work Name: Perfection #2

I’ve lost it all

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JennieJo Ryan

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Poet: Jennifer M Ryan I've lost it all One day in 93. I lost it all and didn't know it. It was only pain. I was disciplined. Life was doable. Walking and talking had been easy. Now movement is slow and robotic.
Only when the feet stop and the darkness is stripped away can a conversation begin Words. Missing. The brain is empty. Not a thought. Not a word. Tables become chairs. Tommy morphs into Erica. Numbers tumble like Lotto balls. What the hell! THIS is NOT doable. I had been warned. If the disease doesn't get you. The medication will. But.

Nobody talked about the losses. 20 minutes. That's all I can manage. Walk. Swim. Float. Scuba. 20 minutes. Then a days rest. Hands no longer able to sew. Hands chopping fingers not flowers. Hands needing to curl. Feet walking on glass. My newly created ragged self is swirling down the plug hole. LUPUS. Let it be

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