About The Gallery

Studio Agnes is my On-line Gallery for my artwork, and photography. My preferred style, at the moment, is abstract expressionism. As a most self taught artist  on-line courses and exhibitions provide most of my inspiration and technique development – I have been attending 3 hour local artist workshops for the past few years

After seeing a Kusama exhibition at GOMA in Brisbane, Australia, I was totally hooked. 

Permanent Exhibitions

Abstract Expressionism – Photography – Commissions



Art Workshops

I’ve built a series of workshop sessions aimed to encourage non-artists to change that POV, and step out in their “I’m A Creative” shoes.  We start slowly and carefully. Fun and drinks (choice optional) and lots of chatter get us through 2 hours easily. 

I try to avoid using this quote  from Picasso – interesting but not true.

“Everything is real. Imagine today and tomorrow, then go chase what you want”

Jennifer M Ryan

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso