TITLE:         Moving Along

BIO: Jennifer completed many years of tertiary study-including studying and teaching digital design, media and communication, but managed to ignore an ever present urge ‘to get more creative’. Unexpectedly, in 1993, circumstance and synergy combined to expose a determined and energetic investigative creative spirit.. While continuing full-time employment, she developed digital art skills, and began investigating water colour painting and digital photography. These are still her first loves, but she has created and sold work using a variety of media: pastel, printing, acrylic and ink, as well as 3D objects and digital art works.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Jennifer is a regular traveller within the Gladstone Regional Council boundary. Moving Along is a digital collage, created from a series of digital photographs that have been edited, layered and combined to reveal the surroundings that those travelling within the Gladstone Regional Council could encounter. jennifer m ryan digital collageThe selected photographs have been collected over the past ten years, and represent a cross section of environments that Jennifer has captured with her DSLR camera.

Giving visual form to thoughts and emotions is a significant focus of Jennifer’s. Jennifer hopes through investigating both micro and macro elements of her world, she can freeze a moment of time, and spark a sense of familiarity, or wonder, in the viewer.

My first foray into an installation was great fun, but very hot and difficult work on a February summer day in central Queensland. 
With the help of Robert  two installations for a   #GRAGM project were successfully completed.

Faces and Masks

For the past two years I have been building up a series of works on paper. What started as a desire to create portraits morphed into a study of the human face.

Tasking myself with seeing behind the face I have created digital collages (this is an example), oil pastel and acrylic works.

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