Exhibition Proposal in Progress

Exhibition Proposal in Progress

 I’m putting together an exhibition proposal – Flight, Masks and Meanings. To keep me on task I’m using Instagram to record my ideas, plans, draft and final products.

@jenniferpaints is where you’ll find me
#HHUA Heaven Help Us All, is one tag I’m using
#JPs_diary is another.

Masks: Light Dreaming

I don’t recall many dreams. Those I do usually include me walking or running, in a light filled place and distant music.

This work represents those dreams. It is mixed media on paper.

This was a surprise

A diagnosis of Lupus brings many surprises. This work remembers when, without warning, my brain would wake in the morning but my body didn’t. For moments or minutes I was paralysed. No movement.

There is a medical term for it, but I’m not interested.

Just happy they are a rare occurrance these days.

Emerging, self representing artist – Central Queensland.

YT: JENNIEJO RYAN –  My Rhupus Life –
Orange Trees : ephemeral installation

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