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I’m a Preservationist Artist. I’m proud to use the title.

Artists who support, advocate for and/or action their beliefs in the preservation of another’s artwork or artefacts, are Preservationist Artists when they create new from old.

As a mostly self taught artist, I began learning the skills of visual representation by purchasing discarded canvasses and, to my mind, fixing the errors. Adding shadows. Correcting perspective. That sort of thing.

I never claimed them as mine. Eventually they were Gesso’d over and used to create an original work. Let me tell you … editing is easier than creating!!

Eventually, I had ‘improved’ masters on calendars and cheap prints from you know where. Eventually … I decided to use these discarded objects but to leave evidence of their previous life. This is when I chose the name Preservationist Art

About Preservationist Art

Alternate creating

Loved the cup size. Hated the image.

SOLUTION -a Preservationist Make-over. Using acrylic paint and china painting pens I altered the look, the purpose and added some supporting members.

I had many folios of notes from university days. As I was culling them, I came up with this solution: Rooster on a Mission. I have done several of these, all originals now rehoused. .

Making Best Use of University Study Notes

Preservationists create and design in all media, using a great variety of tools. Their solution for complex problems uses  arts best qualities – ingenuity, determination and strength.


Everyone is accepted. Just start Preserving. Keep it a secret.

Or … share the news!


the future

I admit  it … I don’t like wasting anything. I blame my Dad, 🙂 if it was fixable no way it was going to be tossed away.

Now I smile when I think of those repaired lounge chairs. Then … not so much.

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