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Art on Display

JENNIFER M RYAN MOTIVATIONS Auto-Immune Diseases I discovered I was SUFFERING from LUPUS in …

A Roosters Hard Work

The story of the rooster. I have used ‘the rooster’ to focus my thoughts and recollections on many years of university level studies.

Oops! Not Roosters!! but more of my favourite animals

I’ve never owned a rooster, but the kids have. And, I loved the colours and their prancing.

AND their attitude.

Oops! NOT  a rooster. But more of my favourite animals


I do not create physical colleges! digital ones, yes. So,this is my first and only physical collage. I chose a simulated map as my thoughts were complex. Everything from teenage antics, to mid-life explorations!!”, and koalas. I can’t believe people don’t value koals!!

No Way Home

Retirement came early. Unexpectedly. It wasn’t a problem, I never looked back. This collage shares values and ethics important to me. 

6 months after the next image. Light, bright and breezy!!

My Scream, a silent scream. Stomping around my private pace  in pain and frustration, I knocked this up very quickly. It is a favourite.

difficult days
My Scream

This is a great story! Collapsed while driving. After a very scary call to 000, a long wait for the ambulance, and an unsatisfactory five days in hospital, I came home and produced this in 90 minutes.

Preservationist Art

The Preservationist Art series celebrates and creates objects that are better than new by re-designing, re-imagining and re-shaping products and their purpose; in part, so that everyone knows that THE ARTS belong to the MASSES.


Preservationist Art - Wordy Work
central qld drought

Farm Drought Lines

Soft Pastel on Paper
Oil Pastel on wood

Preservationist Art

Pastel on Recycled Wood
jennifer m ryan digital collage

Road to Gladstone

Digital Collage

Preservationist Art

Mixed Media

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