Jen Ryan's Caravan Schoolhouse


The list of boxes I ticked as I built the Schoolhouse:

» about life

» about learning

» creative focus

» lots of giveaways

» newsletter

» cheap/free courses

Road trip so far:
  • April: decison making
  • June: writing



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An old concept for new times … a collective of like minded people ‘on THE highway’.

The Caravan


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June is Tune It Up Month

My Education life

  • For decades, I was one of those dedicated educators.
  • During a census I was clocked at doing ‘work stuff’ for 85 hours in that week.


I didn’t have to. I chose to.

  • Choosing to retire from full time teaching was a  difficult decision.
  • But, to tell the truth, the only thing I’ve missed is the ‘kids’.
  • Didn’t miss the paperwork. oh! NO!
  • Didn’t miss the endless meetings, nor PLAY GROUND DUTY!

Choosing can cause unexpected results

The Caravan Schoolhouse is a consequence of many decisions.

My Decision Desk Then

After retirement, without the structures that had been a habit for decades, I knew I needed something to do. That’s how my Decision Desk came into existence.

Now, My Decision Desk process

Using sayings, mottos, and sage advice that any coach would be proud of, I created a huge bank of easily accessible advice. Achieving goals gets easier each time I use them.

3 Things I DECIDED to DO

  1. taught my ‘tutoring students’ to use specific skills to improve how they worked in the classroom

  2. wrote a book, Stepping Up, A Guidebook for Aspiring Leaders.

  3. created posters, worksheets and Ebooks to support my tutoring business


I do have more, and I sprinkle them in newsletters and emails. Contact Me

Wisdom Words Poster Social Persona
Words of Wisdom Sample Posters
  • Have your eyes on the prize. Rephrased as ‘know what you want and make decisions that can make dreams true’.
  • Only look backward to check you’re still on the right track. Meaning, changes in philosophy and direction must be supported by actions;  if specific goals are to be achieved.
  • Be nice. In other words, don’t play games, value the people around you. Especially those supporting and guiding you – even when the lessons are difficult.

About The Van Resources

  1. I have personally created, or selected, all the resources
  2. I have used most of the resources as teacher, tutor, coach  or mentor
  3. I have an innovative and creative approach to teaching. And, they really work.


Coming Soon to the Van in June

  1. Free Ebooks focusing on English and grammar skills
  2. Details of Free workshops and lessons
  3. Details of upcoming workshops and training sessions
  4. Special discount offers, either 20% or 50% off


COMING SOON! My latest courses in TUNE UP IN JUNE -writing style.

A Quickie: 5 email lessons. And an online Advanced Course

Become a curator of your own thoughts

Not sure where to start. Contact Me. We can look at your options. Freebies as well as paid workshops an courses.


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$ 20AUD
  • Granny Jen is Missing, children's book. Celebrates rural Australia.


  • An emerging artist, means I'm eclectic. Big Yes here.
  • Abstract Expressionist
  • Digital Collages


  • This is a real reflection of how emerged I am. This really shows life as a tapestry of surprises and inspiration.