Jennifer completed many years of tertiary study-including studying and and teaching digital design, media and communication, but managed to ignore an ever present urge ‘to get more creative’. 

Unexpectedly, in 1993, circumstance and synergy combined to expose a determined and energetic investigative creative spirit. While continuing full-time employment, she developed digital art skills, and began investigating water colour painting and digital photography. These are still her first loves, but she has created and sold work using a variety of media: pastel, printing, acrylic and ink, as well as 3D objects and digital art works.

Giving visual form to thoughts and emotions is a significant focus of Jennifer’s. Jennifer hopes through investigating both micro and macro elements of her world, she can freeze a moment of time, and spark a sense of familiarity, or wonder, in the viewer.

Her philosophy

While difficult to pin down, Jennifer does have a core that centres around her idealistic definition of 'equality'. She understands its never going to happen, but she knows it starts with her. Whatever the cost.

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About Her future

In Jennifer's words, "It doesn't really matter what happens in the future. Today. No, this minute is what matters. Not because I may not get another one. Because I am in this one.

Abstract top view garden



link to literacy workbook, middle school


Always first. After choosing to marry at 17 years and 2 months, and choosing to, temporarily, give up tertiary studies to raise a family many people expected a different story. 40+ years, 2 kids and 6 grandkids later, family is still it.


Education was always an internal driving force - I just needed to know stuff. While not ever being brilliant, I was an OK student. My biggest challenge was learning and demonstrating skill in the curriculum, rather than my personal goals.


Discovery Coast, Central Qld


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  • Granny Jen is Missing, celebrates rural Australia.


  • An emerging artist, means I'm eclectic. Yes!
  • Abstract Expressionist
  • Digital Collages


  • This list is a reflection of how emerged I am. This traces my life ... as a tapestry of colour,surprises and inspiration.