Creative people are my tribe

They are interested in inventing, developing ideas and objects.


Lateral thinking, design thinking and creative thinking are my tools.

Creative people
sometimes seem unorthodox, because their solutions seems to come from nowhere.

You can identify creative people if you watch them sing, dance, write or just express their ideas and opinions.

About Jennifer

A retired educator,  with formal studies done and dusted, I’ve moved into the art studio, and I’m loving it!

Since the change in direction,  I write, I read, I dance and I draw just about every day.

A recent oil pastel painting

Sample My Creativity Here


Gone are the texts & curriculum documents. Now I am challenging myself to write stories and poems.


I’m hooked. Art Brute, Abstract Expressionism, Experimental. I’m into all of them. And I’m just starting on family portraits. 


Spontaneous action.  I enjoy looking for that thing other’s overlook.

author artist creative thinker
Jennie's Art

I am  expanding my creative energies to functional objects. The ‘Story of the Cup’ is a personal journey. 


THE best place to see what I like, what I do, and what I have done. I use it like a digital bookshelf.


#jenniferpaints  is where I post my daily art work. Oil Pastels. Acrylic artwork. Oil painting. Mixed media. 3D creations.

This is like my diary. I try to use it to share good ideas, that can drive character development. I also share information about my books. 

Jennifer, Artist

This is a bit like my on-line gallery. Includes videos and workshop information plus some of my latest work.


I do family happy snaps as well as thoughtful well planned photos, and find great pleasure and satisfaction in both.

Life is an opportunity

Your chance to create, to connect, to see on many levels. I like to see my life as a   creative story. A story that my family be happy to tell, and read, to the next generations.


I hid my writing from everyone for decades, but in my new world words can, and do, make a difference

Web Design

I did that once, & loved it. Now I create with brushes , & love it. The possibilities start with a single thought, sight or word that gently expands.

Seeing Me Sweetly

unpublished novel, extract

“How did she get to be this person; her imagination had never lead her to this picture. “It was never meant to be like this” was a favourite quote of her mother. Now, beginning to understand the pain and confusion behind it, Amy sat back and mused over the fate of both of them.”

JRs Journey

Jennifer M Ryan is someone who has always set her own agenda and set out not to be diminished by other’s limited view of her capabilities. Setting  forth to boldly to go where not many other women had gone – in  the 1980s. Into the world of technology, that was to become an important part of her career for almost 20 years.  One of her great life pleasures is to  walk beside many individuals, and walk together across all sorts of landscapes.  Not having a clear vision of  tracks and highways is never an issue, because every day is a delight, and every moment a slice of heaven. Whatever. ‘There is always a path’.

Playing with cameras

I’m on my second new camera now. Am getting interest from a stock photo company, was awarded Highly Commended in local art exhibition and have contributed all the images for my new Kid Lit book: Granny Jen is Missing

Pictures & Words

I don’t want to change the world. But when I think about my world, I want my family to know they can count on me. My words are to show them “I’ts gunna be alright! I got this.”

Discovery Coast, Qld +61-7-49747810


$ 20AUD
  • Granny Jen is Missing, children's book. Celebrates rural Australia.


  • An emerging artist, means I'm eclectic. Big Yes here.
  • Abstract Expressionist
  • Digital Collages


  • This is a real reflection of how emerged I am. This really shows life as a tapestry of surprises and inspiration.
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